The Devil’s Rock, 2011

Set during WWII, The Devil’s Rock tells the story of two men (Craig Hall and Matthew Sunderland) trapped on an island on the eve of the Normandy Invasion.  The movie wouldn’t be very interesting from that aspect except one of the men is a Nazi and the other is an Allied soldier.  It also just so happens (or maybe not) that on the island with them is a demon, in this case a succubus.  As you know, I don’t give a lot of spoilers so as far as details go, this is all you get.  However, even though I refuse to tell you the whole story, I can tell you it is much better than you would think.

This film received 4.8 starts on IMDb, which I can only surmise came from people who are either not fans of the genre or turned it off before giving it a chance.  Why anyone would turn it off without giving it some time I don’t get because the opening scenery is fantastic.  That alone is what made me keep watching until things got interesting.

While the film is a tad short for my taste at 83 minutes, it still earns a solid 7 in my book.  I disagree with IMDb’s rating for several reasons, but the biggest is that this movie is quite simply one of the best horror films I have seen in a while.  The acting was great, the story was interesting (it kept me guessing) and the special effects were top-notch.  There was only one small scene where I balked at the special effects, and once you see the film you will know what I am talking about.  But that scene was still a good one.

This is one of those films that will no doubt get overlooked by many horror fans because they see a bad review or most likely, have never even heard of it.  So if you are a fan of great characters and the horror genre, do yourself a favor:  rent the movie, make some popcorn, relax and just enjoy this solid horror film.  I promise you won’t regret it.

ALSO WORTH NOTING:  Craig Hall, who some of you may remember as “Wilson” from 30 Days of Night, is an actor to watch — the man can act.  He is a refreshing change of pace from those pretty boy A-list actors that can’t act their way out of a paper bag.  I am looking forward to seeing more of him.  Also, don’t believe the cover art which says “Saw with a swastika.”  It’s not anything like Saw –but it’s still a great flick.