I Watch Them So You Can Save Some Coin!

FIRST UP: Possessor – 2020

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Yes, I’ll admit there is a bit of anger in my soul recently based on the fact that almost every single dang horror/sci-fi movie I’ve wanted to watch recently I’ve had to pay for. Keep in mind I’m subscribed to Shudder, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other pay channels.

So when I went recently to watch (well, re-watch for about the 5000th time) the movie “The ‘Burbs”, I was surprised and shocked to find that not only was no one carrying it, but I couldn’t even buy it from Amazon. WTF?

Anyway, I digress and will have another post on how we are totally getting hosed by some pay channels later. This post is about the movie “Possessor”.

Do yourself a favor and do not pay for this piece of shit. Don’t get me wrong, the visuals are very good as well as the acting. But believe me when I tell you that you’ve seen this before and done that as the entire premise of the movie is of someone taking over the brain and body of someone else. Geez, where have I heard and seen that shit before??? Insert massive eyeroll right here.

Pretty sure I’m going to get a rain of shit for this but honestly, the only reason everyone on-line is jocking this movie is because it’s directed by David Cronenberg’s son whose name I could put here but don’t care enough to do so. I suppose if you really like Cronenberg and want to give his son a pass for some recycled bullshit, then have at it.

Personally, I want my 9 bucks back for having pay for and then sit through 45 minutes of boring as I had to eventually concede that the movie just sucked. So, I turned it off and put on the Dawn of the Dead 2018** remake in order to stay awake.

Ya know, that 45 minutes could have been used as awesome nap time but here we are.

**Just so you know, I took a lot of lip for that as my long suffering husband had to watch that movie about a year ago but swore it was just a few weeks ago.