Hey fellow horror/sci-fi fans!  Sorry it’s been so long but work does tend to take away from my ability to type and rant freely. Nonetheless, I have been keeping up with the books and movies that should melt all of our hearts this year, and no I ain’t talking about any chick flicks!


What brought me out of hiding, was a movie called “It Follows”.  If you liked the film, go ahead leave this site and go back to checking out Facebook, as you may have already guessed that I did not enjoy the film.  But that’s not really the reason for my rant; it’s the lies told about this film that have me mad as hell.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you know I’m not generally a review reader – rather I watch or read and decide for myself. This time I broke my own rule and paid for it — dearly.  It was Saturday night and my husband and I were looking for a movie to watch, I of course was looking for something scary.  Upon looking up the “Best Horror Films of 2015” a website which I will not list here had it at number 1.  NUMBER 1.  I thought “Dang, it must be good!” AND I followed the advice of the ratings on other sites.  Hence, my other half and I paid 7 bucks on video on demand, turned down the lights and made popcorn to watch “It Follows”.

My personal stuff aside, about 15 minutes in I started saying out loud “Something needs to happen..” and “It needs to pick up..”  Well… it never did and myself and my husband suffered through the WHOLE. DAMN. THING.  Mainly because we spent 7 bucks on it but also in the hope that the ending would shed some sort of battery-is-low-but-hopefully-it-will-last-until-we-die kind of way.  But no, the movie just cut to credits with no explanation of shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew during the entire film that metaphors were flying all over the place;  I just didn’t expect either the films producers OR the dumb (and most likely paid for) reviewers to think their viewers were stupid enough to actually enjoy this pile of steaming crap.

So in closing, only watch and God forbid pay for “It Follows” at your own risk.  On the upside, I re-watched “Don’t Blink” and it’s still as great as ever.

dont blink