First Things First

I actually loved this movie and will have to watch it several more times to really get it completely.  That being said, as I do not normally give spoilers, you need to know this very important fact going in:  virtually the entire movie is filmed from a first person shooter perspective.  Meaning, if you have ever been to Dave and Busters and played a shooter game or like me, have House of the Dead on Wii AND the gun to go with, you know of what I speak.

In terms of Hardcord Henry, we never actually see Henry, but hell yes he is HARDCORE and even though I have never even seen Henry, I love him still the same.  He kicked ass and didn’t bother to take names for very good reasons.  Now normally, this kind of movie would have annoyed the hell out of me (NOT a fan of hand held camera movies) but this one hooked me like no other.  In the end, it’s really your choice (my husband hated this movie while I was clapping at the end – in our living room I might add) to watch or not to watch.  My only opinion is to take a chance on this flick- you just might like it.