This blog is dedicated to all things Horror (and some Sci-Fi), period.  Just a place to hang out and talk about things including (but certainly not limited to): horror books, horror writers, horror movies, horror on tv and oh, say, Netflix movie ratings (they suck, but not as bad as Rotten Tomatoes).  Whatever whimsy that strikes will do.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get all kinds of crazy looks when I tell people that my favorite entertainment genre is horror and frankly, I don’t get it.  I mean, most of these same people have seen a fair number of horror films and apparently that’s okay.  It’s almost like they suffer through them and for us to actually seek them out makes us potential serial killers or something.  I suppose that could be true, but if you want to get technical, aren’t we all?

The point is, if you don’t like horror and/or sci-fi, chances are you won’t get a lot of the references here and this blog might not for you.  But if you want to stick around and have a little fun, please do.  Comments are unmoderated and you don’t have to register to drop a thought.  Just be respectful and it’s all good.

Reviews here are merely guides to help you decide if something is worth your time.  They will range from new stuff to things that have been out for years, but perhaps you never heard about.  Also, just so I don’t have to keep repeating myself, reviews are my opinions of books or films I personally have read or watched – always.  I do my best not to read other reviews so I can give you my untainted, most honest feelings.  You won’t find crazy details (spoilers) here either — for that you have to read or watch for yourself.  However, hopefully the reviews help you make a decision and maybe are a little entertaining themselves.

New posts are automatically tweeted out, so if you want to follow the madness our handle on twitter is @uwanted2c.  However, if you are one of those freaks who like schedules, new Weekly Spotlights are posted each Wednesday by midnight(ish) Eastern Standard Time, everything else happens pretty much when I feel like it.

Lastly, guest writers/bloggers are welcome!  If you’ve got a good story or article you would like to have posted here, just hit me up.