The other day I received a letter (in the regular mail) that looked very official from a company called Domain Registry of America indicating that the domain name of this blog needed to be renewed.  Of course, the renewal cost money and would “cover” me for either a year, 2 years or 5 years — and the latter two included a discount!  LOL.  Thank God I took the time to read the whole thing and am slightly savvy when it comes to scams, otherwise I may have just sent these douchebags my hard-earned money and been trapped.

The thing here is that the paperwork does look pretty darn official.  But after about 12 seconds of Google searching I realized that my suspicions were correct — the letter was a scam designed to get me to switch my domain ownership to them, at well, a heck of a lot more money than I am paying now.

If you have received this letter, by all means do your own research, but do not send these people money.  Jeez.  I never thought I would have to write a post letting my fellow blog owners about this ree-joke-ulous scam that is being sent out – and apparently has been for many years now.  Here is a link that explains the scam and even has a screen shot of a letter that is almost exactly what I received.  The only difference is that the costs are now higher.  Talk about chutzpah.

Bottom line of this post is to watch your behind and make sure you are checking out everything and anyone who asks for money.  We bloggers need to have each others backs, and that’s really all this post is about.

— Giz