Update to the 31 Days of the Best Halloween Movies — Day 20 Apology

I just realized that I sort of hosed you guys on day 20 of the countdown by re-posting Jeeper’s Creeper’s 2001.  Sorry about that.  Day 20 should have been Jeeper’s Creeper’s II, 2003.  So, to make it up to you here it is:

Number 20:  Jeeper’s Creeper’s II, 2003  Okay, so this one wasn’t as new of an idea as the first, but it still did a pretty darn good job.  Our favorite creepy flesh-eater is back only this time, he has a bus full of kids, some pretty savvy adults and a flash scene with one of our original characters (Justin Long) who just happens to be well… dead but sort of helpful nonetheless.  Anyhoo, what I really liked about this film was the father (Ray Wise) who was not going to stop trying to kill the slimy bastard (played by Jonathan Breck) who killed his son no matter what.  Now that’s my kind of man — Ray Wise that is.

Lastly, since I was really unable to add pics of every film I love in my last post, I think you deserve a few of them to whet your appetite.  MAD props to the Special Effects Team.

Jonathan Breck Before Creeperization:

Mr. Breck (I can’t stop giggling over that name but I am goofy that way) AFTER Creeperization:

Gotta tell ya, makes me think back to guys I have dated — in terms of their before and after pics!

But enough about me and Mr. Breck.  How about a photo of all three (well, sort of).  Nice…