Dark Matters

I recently became aware of the show Dark Matters on the Science Channel, hosted by none other than our favorite mad scientist John Noble  (of Fringe fame and wow, what an old photo, but I digress).  I noticed the show simply because ads for the show have recently been appearing everywhere (I am pretty sure I saw one during a repeat of Frasier) but if you haven’t looked into what the show is about or actually seen it, you should.

If you are a horror and science fan, such as myself, this is a show you will become addicted to, and for good reason.  It has elements of the macabre, but also makes you really think about some of the scientific discoveries we have come to think of as commonplace today.

For instance, they have had episodes ranging from Alien Hand Syndrome to the Cold War — all of it factual and scientific, no matter now bizarre or strange (one episode acutally made my husband leave the room).

Believe me, this is NOT a show you want to miss.  The only thing I regret about this posting is that I did not let you know earlier.  I even love the tag phrase of the show:  “Question Everything” as I hope all of my readers take to heart and do so themselves.